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Our mission is driven by huge global brands pushing out thousands of cheap clothes everyday, telling us that we have to buy into the latest trend.


RAPID is a London based sustainable, slow fashion, active-wear brand leading the way to show the world that active-wear brands can be made sustainably whilst remaining trendy and high performing. We dream of a world where the fashion industry is not destroying our planet!

Our core values are:

Sustainability - All our designs are made with sustainability being the main focus. All our active-wear are made as sustainable as possible while maintaining the high quality for the users performance.

Affordable Pricing - All our price are extremely affordable, making shopping sustainable easier for everyone.

High Performance - Our active-wear are designed with the users performance in mind. A lot of our gym-wear are sweat proof and squat proof. Giving you a easier, more comfortable workout

#SayNoToFastFashion #BeRevolutionary



Revolutionary Athletic Performance with Innovative Design